Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2 trips for winter of 2014-15

While it was cut short due to a death in the family, we did spent most of the week of New Years enjoying the snow.  Lori was under the weather one day but Cam and Chris got a few days in.  Cam is getting really good and will now ski pretty much any run.  No terrain parks this time though!   We'll spend the week of Spring Break back to make up for lost time. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Wow, are we bad bloggers!

We're good about blogging to our normal site, but pretty lousy about posting to our mountain page.   Here is is over a year since the last posting.   Unfortunately, we've only been back to the place twice in that time - both for some great skiing.

Again, in 2014, we spent Spring Break week in the mountains. Cam did great on the slopes this year and we spent a few days in Winter Park.   We asked him if he wanted to snowmobile and he opted to ski the whole time!  We took a day off mid-week, and then he got a little sick so Cam and Lori stayed home.  I (Chris) met up with our friend Shannon for a day.  Unfortunately, the 2nd run down in the bowls, she hit some crud and went down.   I wasn't sure if she was laughing or crying.  It was the latter and she really messed up her knee.  I skied down to get help and found some patrolmen at the emergency call station and had some medics sent up.   She went down in the body bag and I skied to the bottom and drove to the hospital to get her.   She was able to drive home but really had a hard time walking.  Turns out an ACL tear and some other injuries.

Well, a big storm was expected to come in so we had to take off a bit early.   It cut our week a little short but we played it safe.

Just a couple weeks later, Lori was out in Colorado for work.   I flew out to meet her - Cam staying home this time - and we did another couple days on the slopes.  It seemed like the longest weekend ever, but we only spent one day at our place!    I got to the airport at 5am on Friday.  Lori got me at 7:30.  We got to the condo, picked up our stuff and then skied.   Went home, then to town for dinner.   On Saturday we skied again.   The plan was to also ski Sunday and drive to Denver for our flights in the afternoon.  Well as it turns out, yet another big storm was expected.  We had a wimpy little rental car. So we headed downhill and spent the night in Denver.   Our flights on Sunday weren't till late so we had a lot of time to kill.   After stalling at the hotel for while, we hit the Bass Pro and a little local beer joint.   Then we hit the museum - it was free that day and extremely busy.   Eventually we made it to the airport only to end up on delayed flights.   Lori got home just after midnight and I got home around 2:00.    Pretty long weekend for only 2 nights away.

Here is is, summer.  Its wet and rainy.  Bugs have been bad this year.   We find ourselves missing the mountains.   After all, it was a very snowy year there, which means good runoff.  Lake Granby will be full. We'd love to enjoy the view from the new restaurant we found over Spring Break - Mustacio's.   What a fantastic view!   But with our schedule this year it doesn't seem to be in the cards.   Cam's schedule is crazy.  It looks like a long weekend in Chicago.  Maybe a few business trips and then an opportunity to visit Barcelona for VMWorld's European conference.  Lori was asked to present.   But the mountains may have to wait until winter unless we sneak in a long weekend with cheap flights.

Sometimes we wonder if it's worth it - having this place so far away.   But every time we go, we feel like we're at home.  We love it in Grand Lake and have a hard time parting with it.   Some day we'll be able to spend much more time there.  And despite the additional costs, it is giving us great memories that will last us a lifetime.

Miss ya, Grand County.   Sorry we haven't been good about sharing our love of your fantastic opportunities.   I guess we just need to visit more often and make a point of updating while we're there.

Until next time (which may be another year!!!!)......

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Break in the Rockies

We haven't been good about posting on this Blog since we pulled our condo off the market.  It's great to have the place paid off and exclusively ours.

With the West Branch Spring Break, we opted to spend the week in Colorado.   We arrived on Saturday the 16th after picking up a new sofa in Denver.  The old sofa that came with the place was way overdue, but finding a new one that would fit in our small space was tough.   We finally found one that would work and arranged to get it at Sofa Mart in Denver.  Luckily, we were able to maneuver the stairs and do the swap.   While its a bit more firm than we like, at least its not all beat up.  We enjoyed having the Grand Lake Brewery Taphouse next door and filled a couple growlers and got some pizza for dinner (the Bacon Mushroom with white sauce was incredible).

We met up with the Scheidts' on Sunday at Winter Park.   Camden remembered how to ski very well and seemed to enjoy it.  It was very windy and a few lifts were closed.   It was supposed to also be windy on Monday so we opted to take that day off of the slopes.   Monday we went into the park with our snowshoes and did a little hike.   After hearing the sound of a very large animal not far off the trail, Lori decided it was time to turn around.   We played some racquetball and again enjoyed the new hot tub.

We skied again both Tuesday and Wednesday at Winter Park.   Again, Camden did very well.  He had been a strong blue skier and was getting into blue/blacks.   He did a long fast cruiser (too fast) to beat Scheidt down the hill, along with a really long powdery mogul run.   By the end of Wednesday, he finished the day with another long blue/black run with pretty good parallel turns and all.  He can pretty much handle any run that we generally do, so next year should be a lot of fun.   We timed our trip on Wednesday to close the slopes so we could hit the Tabernash Tavern on the way home for dinner.  It was a very great dining experience, although a little pricer.

Thursday we met up with our friend Shannon and her friends from Houston.  We did a 4 hour snowmobile rental.   It was a nice ride, though we ended up getting pelted with snow and did some riding in Whiskey Park in a whiteout.  It was still a good time for everyone.   We capped the afternoon with a small hike to to Adams Falls (though frozen) and some appetizers at the Sagebrush.

As usual, it was a great week and very hard to pack up and go, especially as we are looking at heading into some spring snowstorms.   But we need to make it to the wedding in Orange City.   We're not sure when we'll be back, but may keep an eye on cheap flights from Cedar Rapids for a long weekend once spring breaks.  

Check the Marshall Blog for more details.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

No longer for rent!

Well, this isn't a timely post, but worthy of mention.   As of the fall of 2012, we paid off the condo and took it off of the rental market.   It's just reserved for friends and family now and will no longer be rented out through the association.

Renting the unit out did offset costs somewhat, but having strangers in and out just didn't set well with us, and having to constantly do additional maintenance due to careless renters was adding more expense.  Plus, its our little getaway - a place for family memories.  While we could still use it under the rental program, it was sterile - we had to remove our personal pictures and touches that made it ours.

We'll continue to use our unit a few times per year - ski trips, summer vacations, and a few weekend jaunts now and then.   Someday we may end up in Colorado permanently again and this place will be ready for us to enjoy.

I don't expect many of you read this blog, so there won't be a lot posted here but we will leave it up as a reference for people who ask about our place and may want to go enjoy it themselves.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter has arrived!

It was a little slow to come, but the snow has been flying.   Posts from the snowmobile rental agency and the trail groomers are posting a couple feet of new snow and much better trail conditions.  Winter Park is also reporting much better conditions.   Its a great time to head to the high country and enjoy Grand County!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Bring on the snow!

It's been awhile since we posted.   Summer has come and gone, and it was a busy one in Grand Lake.   Soda Springs has become a great destination spot - whether for a weekend or a week - by many.   It's still one of the best kept secrets of Colorado.

Winter is fast approaching.   While some people dread winter - hibernating in the warmth of their homes, glued to cable TV or lounging on the couch watching movies - there's a world of opportunity through the winter months in Grand Lake!  

Come explore the high country.  Cross country ski on any of the groomed trails in Grand Lake, or go back-country in the park.  This time of year, you can have Rocky Mountain National Park all to yourself!    Rather let gravity be your guide?   Sol Vista is a short drive, and Winter Park is only 35 minutes up the road.   They'll be opening soon.

Maybe you'd like to take advantage of the great fishing on Lake Granby?   Well, that's just across the street!   Just like the images in 'Grumpy Old Men', small cities will soon be emerging on the frozen lake, and those who partake will enjoy some of the greatest lake trout fishing in the state.

And if speed is your drug of choice, bring your sled, or rent one at one of the nearby operations.   There are over 100 miles of groomed snowmobiling trails in your back yard when you come stay at Soda Springs.   But don't worry, you can have fun off trail too.  Gravel Mountain is a favorite of snowmobilers with deep powder and steep, treeless climbs.

And when you want to slow down a bit, just throw on a pair of snowshoes and trek the backcountry.  But don't forget to stop in at Grand Lake for a hot toddie, lunch or dinner.   Its the best little mountain town around.   Enjoy their holiday activities or just relax and watch the moose walk through town.  You can even drive your snowmobile right into town if you like.

Remember to ask for Ranch Club F3 when you call Soda Springs to book your stay!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Grand Lake is beautiful this summer!

Lake Granby is full and many boaters are taking advantage of the water.   The moose are plentiful this year and mama and baby have been making visits to Soda Springs.   The weather this time of year is perfect - make your reservations now and enjoy!